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The Earth is teeming with diversity, from the invisible, to the un-missable. As humans, we are blessed to call it our home, yet we often forget that millions of other species also call it theirs. While our species will endure for centuries to come, others can not say the same. Every 15 minutes, a species goes extinct. A unique creature that we share our home with vanishes from existence altogether.

Our goal is to lower the rapidly increasing rate of extinction, and keep the Earth diverse and full of beautiful life. For every purchase, 10% of the profits will be donated to a charity or nonprofit. The charity will focus on conservation efforts and preserving the environment and the life within those environments. Even the smallest efforts can collectively make a tremendous difference.

For 2015, the organization CoraLife will be donating to is Shedd Aquarium. Since 1930, Shedd Aquarium has been captivating people's interest in marine life as well as bringing attention to the problems and issues our oceans and marine animals currently face and will continue to face. With researchers and scientists at Shedd tackling topics like conservation and animal health, Shedd is also in a position to positively impact our world and environment. Our visit to Shedd Aquarium in July of 2015 educated us on many threats our world's oceans and environment currently faces. The thousands of animals housed at Shedd captivated our hearts, from the tiniest fish to the elegant beluga whales and dolphins. Without a doubt, the millions who visit Shedd each year feel the same way. By supporting Shedd, we are supporting a better world.

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