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I was recently interviewed by Raouf Shabayek, a blogger from Dubai. It was a great experience and I wanted to share an excerpt of the interview. It is mostly about CoraLife, and how I got started and how I operate the business. You can read the full interview here.   "Our guest today is Elijah Solidum, who has the following to tell us about himself, go ahead Eli: Eli: I am currently attending the University of Missouri and will graduate next August 2016. I graduated with two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. During my time in university, I founded three different companies. Two of...

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Up to 35% of Coral in the Great Barrier Reef Is Dead Due To Climate Change

Extensive underwater and aerial reports have brought to light some frightening news. Up to 35% of certain parts of the Great Barrier Reef are dead due to bleaching. Another study reports that 93% of the Reef has suffered to some extent from bleaching. Bleaching is what happens when warmer temperatures, or other abnormal conditions, cause coral to expel zooxanthellae, a type of photosynthetic algae. Without these algae, coral turn white, or bleach, and die. Coral that has survived for hundreds of years have been found to be dying or already dead. Still think that climate change is not man-made? In just the past 18 years, there have been three separate bleaching occurrences, with each getting significantly worse. The hardest hit areas of...

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Hanako, World's Saddest Elephant, Dies After Spending 60 Years Alone in Concrete Cell

Hanako, known as the world’s saddest elephant, died after spending over sixty years living alone in a tiny concrete cell at a zoo in Tokyo, Japan. It was only last year that her appalling living conditions were brought to light after a visitor wrote an online post calling the zoo, Inokashira Park, “one of the cruelest, most archaic zoos in the modern world.” There was no grass, no trees, and no company for Hanako, and this video shows her just swaying back and forth looking for any way to pass the time.   Inokashira Park refused to release Hanako to a sanctuary, claiming that she was happy and healthy. Unfortunately, and very clearly, this was not the case as she...

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Brewery Makes Edible Six Pack Rings That Can Feed Wildlife Instead of Harm Them

Cheers! Saltwater Brewery has made a breakthrough in what could be a major step in saving wildlife. From birds to fish to turtles, six-pack rings have injured and killed all sorts of wildlife. Whether or not people mean to, our environment suffers awful consequences from our careless littering and pollution. Edible six-pack rings is a small but innovative step in the right direction of living in harmony with nature, rather than conflicting with it. If other, larger breweries start following suit, there would be a lot less pollution. Americans drink 6.3 billion gallons of beer a year. That's a lot of six-pack rings, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and other pollution that can end up in the ocean. It's awesome to see...

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Why We Want To Save The Sea Turtles

There are seven different species of sea turtles, and nearly all of them are endangered. These beautiful creatures are poached and killed for their shells, skins, eggs and meat. Aside from intentional killing of these animals, environmental negligence and destruction have led to the decimation of their habitats. Climate change, overfishing, and other human activities have led to the destruction of the ocean, affecting many species beyond just the sea turtle. We hope to raise more awareness for the plight of these animals, and the ocean that has provided so much for us. Whether you choose to shop from us or not, we hope that you become aware and stay informed about the well-being of our planet and what you can...

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